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Ricky-The Chick Ricky-The Chick

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I instantly liked the mix of the instruments and the unique feel of the track. Nice Dub, I also like that you kept up the song progression, without letting it stay the same for longer than 16, which is good practice, up to about the one minute mark. Then I think you repeat. Then a different beat again around 1:30.

The trick with this kind of music is that you have to put as much work into minute two as minute one, and I like that you kept it under two minutes, because the amount of material you have here is just about that much, but I would still put as much work into the second minute as the first, if you know what I mean.

Keep making unique beats, structures, and loops with your instruments, that's the whole trick to this genre of music, and jam pack those minutes with amazing twists and turns.

Overall nice job, really well done.

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RickyCroci responds:

thanks, I'll follow your advice ;)

BJ - The Room BJ - The Room

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I would start the song where the beat kicks in. After that it becomes a really cool ambient piece. The reverb of your clap really helps unify the track, adding some space and dimension to the stereo space. A bit more variety would be good, especially at this length.

I would listen to an ambient artist like maybe Ambeam

You have a style that sort of reflects his so you'd probably like it and could study his song structure.

BojangIes responds:

ok cool, i'll check him out. i wanted to make something that someone could sing on and came up with this so it wasn't too complicated with adding sounds. thanks dude.

Extermination Extermination

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This isn't quite dubstep, maybe 'rockstep' would be a good word for it. I feel the metal. XD Nice writing, keep practicing mixing and mastering, as well as choosing your instruments. Find some nice free ones on the net.

Thanks for uploading the track.

Dubstellation responds:

Thank you for the tips, I'm still new to this but trying my best after every song to get better at what I do. I appreciate your comment and that you cared enough to be nice about what you said, I'll be working to get better at this :)

Pretty Things Pretty Things

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Despite ripping off David Bowie's song titles, this is a niiiice video game track! I love the samples, well mixed, well composed. I have almost nothing to say as a critique, which is a really good thing. (Go look at my other reviews of audio, if I have this little to say, you know you did a good job!)

The writing of this song is so good, and the instrumentation so clear, that I will basically just leave it here. One or two instruments could be polished, but nothing worth being too picky about.

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Pandasticality responds:

Thank you for the review <3
- Pandasticality

Aimless Aimless

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The sped up voice singing has a cool feel to it, how you mixed it. But the guitar is very plainly recorded, add some reverb to it, mix it in so it blends with the vocals better.

I like the experimental atmosphere, especially the vibe the vocals give to it.

Maybe mix up having the vocals being out of harmony with having them sometimes be in harmony and a legit melody, that's just a thought though.

I love the concept for this song, like, the two instrument thing, and the mood, a lot. I'm taking off a star and a half for basically the mixing of the guitar, and a tiny fraction of that is because I'd like to hear maybe a tinnny bit more of the vocal harmonizing from time to time, but honestly, that last critique is just personal opinion and you could probably leave it the way it is.

I normally don't take off so much for the mixing of just a single instrument but since you have only two instruments throughout this entire track its pretty important.

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Sillytune responds:

Hey dude, thanks for the input man.

So basically the whole process was this:
1 Guitar // Doubled track, created fake stereo, by panning both left & right, which's basically still kinda "mono-ish" since there were no double takes, but hey
EQ/Compression done on both tracks
Fabfilter Q2 & MJUC
Then i've sent them to the Acoustic Aux-Buss
Same process thing, EQ & Compression
Then i've routed it to the FX track for Reverb, i've used Valhalla there, and i've lowered the volume of that track by 30-35%

As for the voice

2 Tracks // 2 Different vocals

Same process like for acoustic guitar, except that there's no panning here.

VSTI Used: Kontakt 5 // Vocalise from Heavyocity

Voices're done in A Minor, 'n they 're written by me playing them on a shitty PC Keyboard

Thus there really can't be that much of "playability", it's off, and they're really not that much synced together, all of that'll be way much better when i actually get an MIDI Controller.

It's done without a mastering to the whole track, usually i'd hit up ozone and play with stuff there
or i'd chain EQ/Compression/Color EQ, Tape // Stereo Imager // Limiter

However right now it just wasn't the case.

The room in which i'm recording is a huge problem, there's no way to make an sound-room out of it, so every time i record acoustic guitar, or vocals, i have to play around with RX5

But if you have any tips regarding mixing/mastering acoustic guitars, i'd be more than happy to hear 'n learn from ya

Either way, again thanks for the input!

InfinitumSpace - Cosmos I InfinitumSpace - Cosmos I

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Any time you use those kinds of classic trance synths, try not to leave them dry, you should always dress them up a bit even if it's just with a touch of reverb.

Cool trance track, well layered, good choice of instruments. The structure is really good, and you also did a good job on the mixing.

Around 2:10-2:15 you have a really catchy thingy going on there, I prefer it over the atonal mood you seem to be going for with he main piano instrument, I think that's what the last reviewer was referencing. It's not really a piano, or maybe it is, a bell or piano, whatever it is you know the pattern that we're talking about.

It's being out of tune doesn't go with the rest of the track, because the rest of the track is a solid trance song for the most part that is all in harmony. Around 3:40 you add some odd elements as you do here and there throughout the song, but not enough to warrant it.

I think the main issue with this track is it's trying to be two genre's at once, solid trance, and a more experimental techno kind of track.

But, it's still pretty good. I feel your mixing is pretty good, and your writing is pretty good too. So, keep up man. But I wouldn't definitely take note of the reviews for this track and work what you learn from it into your projects.

I want to give you a four because I really like the trance elements but I can't. The being two songs at once isn't working, I think you could strip away the atonal bits and make this a pure trance, and then maybe save the more experimental patterns and make another song out of them entirely, you could make two songs out of this.

Naked Truth (Fisheye Placebo OST) Naked Truth (Fisheye Placebo OST)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really nice mixing right out of the gate on that first instrument. Nice texture, right amount of reverb, nice delay. Most of your instruments sound nice by themselves, you seem extra good at choosing reverb.

I like the beat too. But I would say overall, fill up the track a bit with more layers so that the writing of the song makes it a bit more unified. It sounds like you've spent a lot of time trying to get your mixing and effects to sound good, but not as much time on the composition of the song.

I'd even experiment with taking this same set of instruments and effects, and trying to write a less experimental song with it to see what comes out.

Forgive me though, the song is not BAD, I just think it's lean. The solo instruments sound lonely to me. Around 2:40 you start to do a bit of a rhythm with the piano and for the brief time that that is happening, it sounds a bit more filled, try to go for that throughout the whole track and you'll have a really cool project.

I like the overall feel of the elements of the track and it's personality, good stuff and keep up :)

RealFaction responds:

Thanks. Well, the thing is they asked for something simple and i guess it was a challenge, i wasn't supposed to make it too complex, so not that many layers, it would distract from the scene itself if you watch it.

Well, i did spend a lot of time on the composition weeks really, but this one was written in a way where it's not as melodic, it was a bit difficult to write compared to my other stuff. I had many times where i was stuck on this. But thanks. It's meant to be lean in a way to give a calm casual vibe. It was hard for me to strip back lol. Thanks. I was considering doing a different version of this song aside from the version in the video.

Sand and Wind Sand and Wind

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Despite being overly dry I'm a sucker for chopping. XD I like the genre feeling of this song. Has some good unique solo aspects that are often missing from compositions on NG's I think.

I think you could benefit hugely from better samples/instruments. The technical side of making music is a huge pain in the butt, but when you compose as well as you do it's worth it for you to get your butt moving on it.

Nice track man!

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Sgtcustard responds:

Thank you for your positive and helpful comments!

B4You - Reach For The Blue Sky (2016) B4You - Reach For The Blue Sky (2016)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well this song gets right into it. Consider an intro or a small build up to the loop point we begin at. But already the song has a unique feel, which I like. I feel the beat is a bit dry, but you have a good grasp on rhythm.

The ending could use a little bit something more. Even if it's just an extension of a beat for a few bars.

I like your instrument choices, they have variety and yet fit together. I can't wait to hear your stuff once you level up at mixing and mastering. Cool stuff, I see great potential.

The song writing is pretty good, you have a nice progression, and a good sense of unity in knowing what patterns go well together.

If I were you I'd start learning compression, it'll really boost your track. Start thinking about mastering.

Arrangement is good, structured.

Thanks for posting the track!

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BlackVen0m4you responds:

Thank you for the feedback! :)

{E} - LuckyVox {E} - LuckyVox

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good for a first track! I'll give you some beginner advice that's really solid: Use a touch of reverb on almost everything, study and get to know the reverb effect really well, and you'll be ahead of most people who are beginners. Get to know what settings make the reverb sound which way, whether you should cut the low, or the high, or both, how damp, how dry, how long the verb should be. etc.

Generally add a touch to most instruments, and almost never to the kick drum.

Why am I talking so much about reverb? Because it's the next step from where you are and it'll make a huge difference.

Your composition shows a lot of understanding of arrangement, your melody could use some work. Really spend some time to create something that's catchy, even throw out melodies if you have to. Do be afraid to 'kill your darlings' as Stephen King says.

Nice work and keep going!

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EricTuneZ responds:

thanks didn't see this untill now but thanks forthe advice